Guns ‘n’ Turtles is an online webcomic created by three different self-righteous hobbyist cartoonists.

Originally created by Alp Yamanel in mid-2013, the project was shortly joined by fellow artist and friend Chewynouget, and to be later joined by another friend and artist Karolis Butkus.


Only known picture of Alp Yamanel

The entire crew uses Adobe Flash CS6 to draw the comics. Alp uses a Wacom Cintiq 12wx, Chewy uses a Wacom Bamboo CTL-470, and Karolis gargles ear wax though a straw.


Karolis hangin’ at the mall


Fact File:

  • Rumor has it that Chewynouget was created from Dragon bones on a misty winter morning in London. These only remain as rumors.
  • Alp can touch his toes while doing a handstand. He calls it “The Wahhtoosie”.
  • Karolis claims to have punched a goose once, “square in its dumb fucking face”, and that “she had it fucking coming!”.
  • Alp is horrified of being racially offensive, which is difficult considering his middle name.

Chewy enjoying a day at the beach.

In their spare time, Alp likes to pet his dog and confidently misspell things. Karolis tends to troll internet forums under the user name “xXSpOcK4LiFXx”, and is wanted by the Brazilian Mafia for sugar trafficking; He has a pet from the forest moon of Endor. Chewy haunts the mossy castles of Scotland, and lives in a time traveling shed he calls ‘Susan B. Anthony’.